Which antivirus to install in 2019?

Hackers and data specialists get more creative with every passing year, using new techniques, programming new viruses, and coming up with new types of spyware.

It’s only logical for antivirus software to evolve as well, accepting new challenges and raising the protection bar.  

That said, it’s important to constantly reevaluate the functionality of your antivirus software. Could be, your tool is falling behind the ever-changing threats and is no longer capable of providing high-quality protection.

We reviewed dozens of popular antiviruses, both paid and free versions. After carefully analyzing the features and evaluating the new upgrades, we assembled our list of 10 most reliable antivirus tools in 2019.  

Kaspersky Lab

Even though the United States Government banned Kaspersky software, prohibiting government agencies and their contractors the usage of their services, it does not make the tool unfit for personal use. The company has officially stated to have no connections to the Russian government.  

The main competitive advantage of this antivirus is that it does not impact the overall system resources. If you are a busy multitasker who’s running several programs at the same time, this quality will definitely be a dealmaker.


2019, the development team has improved adware cleaner and spamware detectors, increasing the scanning accuracy. Now the tool can identify fake web pages and block dangerous advertising pop-ups. If during web surfing, a user tumbles on a malware-ridden website, the tool will automatically block the connection.  

This year, Avira browser is incorporating ‘the next big thing’. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to become a decisive factor in online security and Avira has incorporated AI into its algorithms. Now the tool can learn from previous experiences and identify potentially dangerous websites.  

This cutting-edge solution will be useful to active users of IoT devices and smart assistants. In the tool’s settings, users can edit integration details. Once a device is connected, the software will remember it for future scans.  

Bit Defender

This antivirus works as an all-in-one online security solution with built-in VPN, online banking protection and game modes. The main scope of the tool is protected users during online browsing with less emphasis on scanning USB drivers and CD disks.  

The tool is supported by Windows 10. Perfect for active online shoppers and frequent social media browsers.  


In terms of popularity, this one is the leader of the list. The antivirus has an active community of users all over the world. A free version has very simple functionality and a clear interface which makes it a perfect option for beginners. Additional services include Wi-Fi inspecting tool, Game and Do Not Disturb modes.  

Avast supports real-time scanning in background mode. It’s a comfortable tool for multitaskers since the tool does not impact the speed of the entire PC. Also, users can use Avast offline installer for performing the installation with no Internet connection.  


Another popular freemium antivirus with 200 million users worldwide. The software is free for download and unlimited usage, however, to receive access to additional features and professional technical support, users have to purchase the full version.  

In 2019, AVG’s development team continues working on image recognition, increasing the accuracy of viral detection in media files. This is definitely a worthy upgrade for designers, photographers, illustrators, and generally all users who deal with photo stocks and images.  

This software is superior in terms of handling confidential media files. The tool creates backup copies and provides an additional layer of protection for sensitive data. Unlike the majority of security solutions that simply detect and eliminate security threats, this one goes an extra mile about protecting files from being leaked.  


Norton is popular risk-monitoring software that control’s the safety of user’s online activities – received emails and accessed attachments, social media browsing, and malicious advertising.  

The application is a leader in anti-spam protection and blocking online tracking. Upgrades install on a silent mode and therefore, require no user involvement.  


This antivirus has a rich collection of add=on s for secure online browsing. A built-in firewall that blocks an unauthorized authorization. Also, the tool has 20GB in Cloud storage. Here users can store backup copies and sensitive data.  

If you often struggle with the lack of free storage space, this antivirus solves the problem perfectly. Pleasant bonuses like a reliable VPN tool and a secure password manager will keep your private data safe during registration authentification.  


The main scope of the program is already clear from its name. The tool assures secure online banking operations and remembers financial data for seamless online payments. The tool creates an additional level of protection for money-related data with AES256 encryption.  


As you can see, each of those programs has a particular scope and special add-ons. Before making a final choice in favor of a security tool, define your main requirements and areas of risk.  

Beginners would do better to opt for more universal solutions like AVG or Avast whereas more experienced users can pick a specialized service, based on their particular needs. If you tend to spend a lot of time on social media and maintain a lot of accounts, pick the tool with a built-in password manager and anti-phishing protection. If you are an active online shopper, pick a tool with a focus on securing financial data.  

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